Megan Finnerty – Reporter at the Arizona Republic & Founder of the Arizona Storytellers Project

Driving Business Results with Your Personal Story

#19: Driving Business Results with Your Personal Story

Here’s an important question; why should your audience care about your story? What aspects make it interesting? Simply put, how can you learn what makes your story effective?

We have for you a very special guest, who will be able to give you a great push in the right direction. Megan Finnerty is an award-winning journalist and works as a program coordinator for the Arizona Storytellers Projectwhich brings everyday people on stage to speak their truth. Megan has become a storytelling coach for these people and through her decades of experience has learned what works and what doesn’t for your narrative. She will explain the benefits of training your skill in storytelling, her five important dos and don’ts for your narrative, and can help you use personal stories in your B2B marketing to drive results for your professional services firm.

In This Show, You’ll Learn

  • Cross-platform storytelling
  • Sticking with your brand’s identity
  • Storytelling is not a talent; it’s a skill that is grown

Key Quotes

  • “What’s our value proposition?” – Megan Finnerty
  • “How do we mention inclusivity?” – Megan Finnerty
  • “What does that mean to you.” – Megan Finnerty
  • “You can prepare for everything, but you have to be open to it.” – Megan Finnerty
  • “Frodo actually never solves his own problems.” – Megan Finnerty

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