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Lynn Ferguson, Comedy Writer, Stand-up Comedian, Playwright, Director & Producer

#148: How to Find the Energy and Entertainment in Your Business Stories

#148: How to Find the Energy and Entertainment in Your Business Stories

You grow up in school writing stories, paying attention to the structure of the stories you’re telling. But when it comes to business, you may need to be doing just the opposite.

Have you ever sat through a presentation packed full of statistics and numbers that it nearly puts you to sleep? We’ve all been there.

Sometimes, no matter how passionate the presenter actually is, it gets drowned out by all of the numbers and statistics. And that’s because the presenter is too hung up on the structure of the story rather than the story itself.

Today, Lynn Ferguson, self-proclaimed “Entertainment Mongrel,” with her eclectic background as a comedy writer, stand-up comedian, playwright, director, producer and sister of the former host of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, helps you go beyond that structure and find the heart and soul in your business storytelling.

Lynn says that in business, it all comes down to honesty. Successful stories come from a place of truth. If you are honest in your storytelling, people will care. It’s time you embrace your story and use it to dig deep and use your story to your business’ advantage.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • How to tap into the energy of your story to actually become entertaining in the boardroom
  • Getting people to care about you and your story
  • How her surprising battle with breast cancer lifted her as a storyteller
  • A storytelling exercise (at the end of this show) that’ll add thrust to your communications…

Key Quotes

“Story is something that we were given as a life skill at the very beginning of time.” –Lynn Ferguson

“When people say ‘story,’ what they often mean is structure.” –Lynn Ferguson

“Make sure that the story you’re telling is the one that you wish to tell.” –Lynn Ferguson

“Successful stories come from a place of truth.” –Lynn Ferguson

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