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#340: How to Craft an Epic Personal Story Arc for the New Year

#340: How to Craft an Epic Personal Story Arc for the New Year

We hold the power to write our own stories every single day and it can be one filled with extraordinary moments rich in fulfillment and rewards. But to live your best life you need to make the little choices and changes every day that can alter the curve of your career and life.

Therefore, to help guide you in crafting daily scenes of personal improvement to create an epic story for this upcoming year, we’re kicking off 2022 with Joseph Templin. Joe outlines how you can build better habits and act on them in his new book, Every Day Excellence: A Daily Guide to Growing quickly becoming an Amazon best-seller.

Joe is a reformed physicist, financial planner, startup founder and autodidactic polymath best described as a Swiss Army Knife. He has invested the past two and a half decades in helping others reach their financial potential as a planner, trainer, mentor and creator. He is also the Managing Director of the Unique Minds Consulting Group, LLC, and co-authored Do You Want To Make MDRT, Or Not? with Dr. John Stolk as well as Choices: Creating a Financial Services Career. 

Joe is a Co-Founder and President of The Intro Machine, Inc. an organization dedicated to teaching professionals in a variety of fields how to build an Introduction Based Business. He has spoken all across the US and Canada on ethical business development. In his free time, Joe enjoys running Ragnars (200-ish mile team relay races) ultramarathons and is a champion-level martial artist. 

Tune in as Joe shares how to create your own every day excellence by improving yourself, your vision and your ability to communicate.


Discussed in this episode 

  • Understanding RAS (Reticular Activating System) so you can program your brain to see a world full of beauty, opportunity and positive symbolism 
  • How to build positive habits you can stick to that contributes to a better overall story 
  • What is the Stockdale Paradox and how you can use it to move your life and business forward
  • Turning your weaknesses into strengths to get what you want in life
  • Formulating a goal setting plan and reverse engineering the process to be able to accomplish your bigger goals

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