~ Eric Hinson, Founder at Explainify

#104: How to Produce Irresistible Explainer Videos In Your Story Marketing

#104: How To Produce Irresistible Explainer Videos In Your Story Marketing

You might have a brilliant idea for your business endeavor, one that could catapult you and your cause to greatness. But when you try and explain it to your customers, they may not fully grasp your vision. That’s where your explainer video comes in.

Eric Hinson, the founder of Explanify, is here to dive into explainer videos and how to use brand storytelling in your story marketing. Eric is a master at finding the essential story thread wrapped around a concrete idea to create a powerful 90-second video narrative. Today he will explain his explainer video structure, using his “Uncovery” system, and how you can create a captivating short story.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • The ideal 90-second story structure
  • Using the “Uncovery” process to find the heart of your story
  • Turning abstract concepts into concrete stories

Key Quotes

  • “Here is the status quo, here’s what we’re going to do to make this better for you.” – Eric Hinson
  • “Nobody buys features, they buy the benefits.” – Eric Hinson
  • “It’s about simplifying your story and getting to the core of your message.” – Eric Hinson
  • “The whole point of clarity is to meet your business objective.” – Eric Hinson
  • “If you have a killer story that takes the mind on a journey, even without good visuals, it will move people.” –  Park Howell
  • “Don’t overthink creativity.” –  Park Howell

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