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#331: How to Evolve Your Brand Story as Your Customers Change

#331: How to Evolve Your Brand Story as Your Customers Change

Customer experience is literally a memory. If you can create a positive impact that results in lasting loyalty, endorsement and evangelism then you can become unforgettable to your patrons and build life-long relationships.

But your customers can only be advocates of your vision if you pivot with their needs. Your brand story must evolve with their stories. 

Here to help you keep your brand story evolving and relevant is marketing and branding master, Chad Wilson. Chad is the Vice President and Executive Creative Director, Marketing at Grand Canyon Education, Inc, a shared services partner dedicated to serving colleges and universities with a team that has been leading educational transformation since 1983. He manages everything from strategic creative development and consumer research to dynamic media plans and multi-platform initiatives. 

As part of his work at GCE, Chad has directed the brand story transformation of Grand Canyon University, Arizona’s premier Christian university committed to making private education affordable. From a struggling institution to one of the fastest growing universities in the country thanks in part to a visionary leader and the brand storytelling work Chad and his team have produced. His creative leadership has led the University to become an undeniable force in higher education with brand campaigns that have contributed to the exponential growth from roughly 13,000 students to 115,000. 

He is also an experienced Executive Creative Director skilled in Branding, Consumer Research, Strategy, Media, Advertising and Integrated Marketing. He has an MBA in Business Administration and Management from Grand Canyon University.

Join us, as Chad shares the evolution of the GCU story and how you can grow your impact too. 


Discussed in this episode 

  • Understanding conscious capitalism so you can become a better servant leader and use it to demonstrate prosperity and community 
  • The definition of being proactive and how this quality will help you define your strategies that will drive your audience to take action
  •  How to put out smart, strategic content and break it down to effectively share an array of brand stories that will connect with your audience’s heart
  • How you can make your brand stand out by creating unique, memorable experiences and building a sense of community
  • Being clear on your why in business and how to lead with your purpose to communicate your story in an undeniably authentic and unique way
  • Chad’s remarkable story in advertising and marketing, from working at his dad’s ad agency during high school and the pure drive he carried to this day to become the storyteller at GCU and Vice President and Executive Creative Director of Grand Canyon Education


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