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#212: Learn How to Excel Through the Stories You Tell

#212: Learn How to Excel Through the Stories You Tell

Pursuing opportunities can be a powerful catalyst for change and growth. But when an opportunity presents itself that has the potential to transform your entire trajectory for the better, being overlooked can be devastating. You can avoid that by utilizing the enchantment of story to connect with any audience and never be disregarded when the occasions arise.

Here to share how the power of narrative helped him to secure profound opportunities is Shaan Patel, founder of Prep Expert, an ed-tech company that specializes in online SAT and ACT preparation. Shaan teaches high school students how to use storytelling techniques to excel with the SAT & ACT tests and in life. He argues that weaving narrative elements into the education system’s curriculum is the only way to really engage students and increase retention.

The company’s inception and success have all been fueled by Shaan’s story, which landed him on Shark Tank with an investment from Mark Cuban.  To win an investment on Shark Tank, Shaan knew that storytelling was going to be his most valuable resource. And it’s no surprise that continuing to share his journey has resulted in exponential growth and success in very little time.

I think storytelling has become more important than ever today, because every opportunity you want you have to share your story to even be considered. ~Shaan Patel

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • How the power of story helps to create and obtain opportunities
  • How to use story to move people to action
  • How to connect with any audience through storytelling
  • Why the education system should utilize storytelling more in its curriculum
  • How and why storytelling separates homo sapiens from all other hominids

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