JB Owen

#354: How to Fire Up Your Business Storytelling With Ignite Moments

#354: How to Fire Up Your Business Storytelling With Ignite Moments

You might be thinking that your experiences and past are not worth sharing. If you can find those moments in your life that awakened you, then you have the ability to connect deeper and share a story that can transform lives. But to create that connection and emotional impact, you need to tap into the emotional experience. 

Known as the ‘Pink Billionaire’, JB Owen shows us how to find these moments – or as she likes to call them, your Ignite moments. JB is the CEO of Ignite Publishing and is leading the industry in empowerment publishing with 12 internationally best-selling anthologies in just over 12 months. Her company is dedicated to producing heartfelt and meaningful books, videos, magazines, products, training, and community connections of fulfilling her grand mission of Igniting possibilities in 7 billion lives.

She combines her unique business style of fierce determination with femininity and fun, and has catapulted her to success in building worldwide brands, manufacturing award-winning products, publishing international best-selling books, and creating multiple transformational platforms in the areas of health, wellness, personal growth, and eco-conscious improvements. 

Her companies JBO Global and Lotus Liners (featured on Dragon’s Den) continue to thrive as they bring innovative and eco-conscious products to consumers that benefit the planet and raise the bar on product development.

JB loves mentoring on a diverse array of topics around entrepreneurship, creativity, personal transformation, self-improvement, healthy lifestyles, parenting, and conscious leadership—as well as sharing her incredible personal journey from small-town girl to working in major motion pictures and growing a global 7-figure business success followed by bankruptcy.

Join us as you will learn how to find your ignite moments to fire up your brand storytelling, the concept behind Agoo and how you can step into the emotion of your story.

Discussed in this episode 

  • Why she walked away from her global 7-figure business, how she dealt with the bankruptcy and why it was the best decision she ever made
  • How to stop becoming the victim or villain and instead, step into becoming the hero of your story
  • How to use your ignite moments to make an impact and become the common denominator for better connection
  • Why the ability to tell a great story derives from the willingness to step into the emotion
  • Shifting your focus from how your story will serve you but rather how it will serve the person consuming it 
  • Where to start finding your Ignite moments and how to craft your story around it



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