Sheila Carroll, Professional Storyteller

#129: How to Grow Your Brand and Business Through Your Life Story

#129: How to Grow Your Brand and Business Through Your Life Story

There’s only one way for someone to see through your eyes.

It’s through your story.

When you listen to a story, a remarkable phenomenon occurs in your mind. Your brain fires off mirror-neurons, creating the sensation that you are actually living through that experience! 

Storytelling is like a petri dish for mirror-neurons.  So how can you best use your story to create the biggest impact on your customers? Our guest this week will guide you towards the answer.

Sheila Carroll is a professional storyteller, with more than thirty years of experience and a unique method of helping small businesses find their story.

How does Sheila suggest you start finding your story? Begin by considering the character traits found in your favorite movie.

Today, Sheila will share her five simple methods of getting your story to stick, the power of mirror-neurons, and how early memories are the cornerstone for memorable life stories. Join us today and learn how to rise above the rest and fully engage with your audience.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • Find your story and share five simple ways to get your stories to stick
  • She explores the power of mirror-neurons in your storytelling
  • And why your earliest memory may be the cornerstone of your most memorable life story

Key Quotes

“We want to build, not just a sense of trust, but a sense of community.” – Sheila Carroll

“Stories are about change. Stories work because it captures attention, it makes you feel something, and it activates change.” – Sheila Carroll

“That’s the transformative part; not just to see the products you have to sell, but the potential behind them, the gift you’re giving your customers with your product or service.” – Sheila Carroll

“Your resume is not your story.” – Sheila Carroll

“If you’re not telling your story, other people will think of one and it probably won’t be the story you want.” – Park Howell

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