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#205: How to Compound the Growth of Your B2B Brand with Storytelling

#205: How to Compound the Growth of Your B2B Brand with Storytelling

Most B2B organizations aspire for continued growth and to be the best in their industry. But many simply do not know how to differentiate themselves from competitors, resulting in mediocre status and growth. That’s why it’s vital to share your organization’s stories to reveal its truths and values, so you can rise above the rest.

My guest, Robert DiMeo, co-founder and Managing Director at DiMeo Schneider & Associates and author of 50 Billion Reasons to Grow Your Practice: A Guide to Success & Enjoyment for Investment Advisors, has become an expert in how to grow a business-to-business organization. His consulting firm manages $90 billion in assets and it remains one of the most trusted and respected firms around the world. And it has nothing to do with luck.

Robert has learned that sharing stories about the real-world impact his firm has on its clients and the community is the most powerful tool to generate growth, profitability and a legacy. When an organization of integrity shares its stories, its true character is exposed and trust is established. In turn, potential and current clients are much more willing to share their stories and now there is a true connection and understanding between both parties. That knowledge is key to maximizing both your clients’ success and ultimately yours as well.

When you can correlate the actual structure of the investment portfolio with advancing their mission, then you got something. ~Robert DiMeo

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • How to use storytelling to differentiate yourself from your B2B competition
  • The power of storytelling to communicate a brand’s integrity and character
  • How to use story to build a culture where employees are all pulling in the same direction
  • The importance of knowing your brand’s story so you don’t fall victim to the next new “shiny object”
  • How to use your organization’s story to create your own set of “guide posts” or employee expectations
  • How to utilize storytelling when communicating data and numbers to increase your effectiveness

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