Taj Forer – Co-Founder & CEO of Fabl

How to Harness the Visceral Power of Visual Storytelling

#54: How to Harness the Visceral Power of Visual Storytelling

In an attention-deficit world, visuals can make or break a story. Taj Forer, co-founder and CEO at Fabl, joins the Business of Story podcast to discuss how to advance our brand stories using compelling visuals.

The power of storytelling photography is impressive — but how can we utilize it in our personal or brand storytelling strategies? Luckily for us, the easy accessibility of visual production tools has dramatically changed storytelling marketing landscape. That’s where Taj’s platform, Fabl, comes in. Fabl is a design-driven, visual storytelling platform that promises instant connections with your audience through authentic and engaging visual storytelling.

“We believe that images speak directly to the heart; arresting us, arousing our curiosity and capturing our undivided attention.”  – Fabl



This is the image of the boy on a train in Liverpool I mentioned in this episode.

When brands leverage compelling photography and user-generated content, they can skyrocket storytelling marketing to the next level. Once you craft the right headline, an “a-ha!” moment happens, and your storytelling photography strategy is underway.

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