Ginger Zumaeta

#303: The 5 Laws of High-Impact Sales Presentations

#303: The 5 Laws of High-Impact Sales Presentations

PowerPoints don’t kill ideas. PowerPoints riddled with bullets kill ideas. 

Presentations are the language of business. But the key to using PowerPoint to tell your story is to envision it from your customer’s point of view. What do you want them to think, feel and do? Their decision to move forward with working with you is strongly influenced by how you make them feel in your presentation.

If you can tell a story through PowerPoint that changes the minds and behaviors of people, you can write your ticket in the corporate world.

Here to share her expertise on how to deliver amazing presentations that will result in decisions is Ginger Zumaeta. She is the Founder and CEO of Zumaeta Group and author of the forthcoming book Deckonomics: Design Presentations that Spread Ideas, Drive Decisions, and Close Deals.

Ginger is a three-time Emmy Award-winning writer and producer. She successfully turned her TV storytelling skill into a consultancy helping companies on positioning and communicating big ideas. Ginger uses her experience in storytelling and persuasion to train corporate teams in telling better business stories to move high-stakes work forward with clear and succinct presentations that are grounded in story structure and backed by brain science.

Listen as she shares her five laws for delivering high-impact presentations and how storytelling makes it all work.

Discussed in this Episode

  • The five S’s to story structure – Ginger’s proven story structure method and how you can use it to turn your next PowerPoint into a story that will give your business results
  • Why structure and sequence in your presentations are important to drive decisions from your customers
  • What is the Hero’s Journey and what you need to be doing to apply this to your PowerPoint strategy and get the impact you want from your presentation
  • The power of truly understanding the unique journey your customer embarks on through your story and how you can use this to craft your presentations strategically in a way that connects with your customer’s feelings
  • Why having confidence in your own story is key


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