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#319: Why We Tell Ourselves Horror Stories When We’re Ghosted

#319: Why We Tell Ourselves Horror Stories When We’re Ghosted

Digital communication has had a profound impact on the way we deliver our message to our prospects and it provides a solid foundation for communication that is critical to our relationships with them.

But how do you make sure your message is not left unreturned, delayed or answered ambiguously so you’re not left churning into a psychological loop of worst-case scenarios and catastrophizing? It’s being able to close the gap of the broken communication loop so your message can be fully understood and promptly returned.

In today’s episode, Sam George will teach us exactly what we can do when we’ve been ghosted out. Sam is a media consultant for political campaigns, non-profit organizations and corporations who specializes in email marketing and also leads an entirely online yoga company, YMEDICA which educates yoga teachers on medical yoga.

He is the author of I’ll Get Back to You: The Dyscommunication Crisis – Why Unreturned Messages Drive Us Crazy and What to Do About It. He emphasizes the Dyscommunication crisis we’re facing is caused by delayed and ambiguous communication brought on by our reliance on impersonal digital tools like texts and emails. When we don’t get a response we have an open loop in our story that our subconscious brain absolutely can’t stand. It needs closure. So it makes up a negative story to close the loop. 

Tune in, as we explore why we keep telling ourselves these horror stories after we send a message only to get ghosted and how you can fight these stories to make your communication storytelling effective and close that feedback loop.


Discussed in this episode

  • How you can bridge the gap between broken communication loops to reduce miscommunication
  • How digital communication has changed and caused connectivity problems in our relationships
  • Understanding the seven steps of the psychological concurrence we go through when our messages have been unanswered
  • How unreturned messages alters your perception and creates misunderstanding in your head before you even have a response to understand
  • Tactics and solutions to articulate your emails to guarantee they are promptly returned 


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