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How to Apply Neuroscience to Business, Teaching, and Storytelling

#23: How to Apply Neuroscience to Business, Teaching, and Storytelling

Margie Meacham, also known as “The Brain Lady”, is a learning strategist expert who helps organizations and professionals apply the latest advances in mind and brain research to survive and succeed in today’s changing business environment.

Brain-Matters-Margie-MeachamHer strategy utilizes the principles of neuroscience to help business leaders, professionals and brands ignite their innate storytelling genius. Her most recent book, Brain Matters: How to Help Anyone Learn Anything Using Neuroscience, which is a finalist as the best indie book of 2015, teaches CEOs and brand storytellers how to be more impactful and enthusiastic leaders and brand communicators.

Understanding what happens in the brain is making us better leaders, teachers, parents and employees. We have no limits to what we can accomplish with our wonderful brains – the best survival machines ever built. – Margie Meacham

Learn more about Margie’s strategy and work on her website, LearningToGo.

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