John Yorke – TV Producer, Author & Founder of BBC’s Writer’s Academy

How to Create Business Stories People Actually Care About

#27: How to Create Business Stories People Actually Care About

John Yorke, Managing Director at Angel Station, founder of the BBC’s Writer’s Academy, and author of Into the Woods: How Stories Work & Why We Tell Them joins the Business of Story podcast to share his unique perspective on the dynamic power of storytelling for your business.


John’s approach to storytelling is based on the premise that there is a common underlying shape to all narrative forms and that by recognizing why story structure is common to all narratives, we are able to communicate and connect with our audiences more effectively. John has spent over 30 years studying audience attraction to stories and has used that knowledge to create some of the top award-winning TV shows in the U.K.. For more information on John’s work and his book, visit his website JohnYorkeStory.com.

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