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#228: How to Use Visuals to Amplify Your Storytelling

#228: How to Use Visuals to Amplify Your Storytelling

As brand communicators, we have all spent time and resources curating intentional messages. But traditional communication has its flaws. Ambiguities may arise, resulting in time wasted on interpretation or negative repercussions. Fortunately, we can negate ambiguity and convey much more by adding a layer of clarification and deeper connection through visual communication.

With me this week is visual storytelling expert Matthew Pierce, a Learning & Video Ambassador from TechSmith. Matthew’s enthusiasm for visual learning and communication inspired him to create a free online learning platform that teaches video, visual, and other skills and can be accessed by customers and non-customers alike. TechSmith is a global leader in screen recording and capture software, and a great tool to make tutorials as powerful training vehicles. In this episode, we’ll explore how to use images and videos to help ensure your intended messages are what your audience understands, every time.

By adding the visual learning component, you are allowing your employees to be more effective and more efficient, ultimately creating a positive impact on the bottom line. ~ Matthew Pierce

Visual communication can be done in many ways through multiple facets. For instance, videos may be embedded in an internal email for employees learning a new system. Photos or infographics may be included in a pamphlet to increase the absorption of new information.

Visuals are there to guide your audience through your story and draw their attention to what it is that you want them to see. ~ Matthew Pierce

Not only do visual features save time and money, but it allows you the ability to be the guide of the journey you wish to take your audience on. This is because visuals help to focus a viewer’s attention.

Ultimately by doing so, you have the power to make your audience the hero of every story.

Discussed in this Episode

  • The importance of being an intentional storyteller
  • Why the most important story you tell is the one you tell yourself
  • The power of visual communication to evoke emotions and feelings
  • Tips and strategies to incorporate more visual communication within your organization
  • How to create impactful graphics that move your story forward without a design education

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