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Melissa Huisman & Noah Lee

#86: How to Use Story Marketing to Sell a Ton of Socks

#86: How To Use Story Marketing To Sell A Ton of Socks

Today we are investigating how you can use story marketing to turn a commodity into commotion. We’re talking about elevating a fairly banal item, like socks, into a meaningful and sought after experience—all through the brand stories you share!

I know it sounds crazy, but socks are a $6 billion global industry. Imagine the market share you might carve out simply by disrupting the norm with story? 

Today we’re going to meet two people who have done exactly that through their plucky five-year-old company, Sock Club. That’s right! I am a proud Sock Club member.

The company, which was born in 2012 as a small side project, has become one of the premier sock-subscription services. They send quality American-made socks to subscribers around the world. Every month, Sock Club designs and releases a one-of-a-kind sock design. They tell the story of the inspiration behind the design that accompanies each pair.

Joining us today is Sock Club Co-founder, Noah Lee, and Creative Brand Manager, Melissa Huisman, who have spent the past fifteen months bringing the brand voice to life through creative marketing and storytelling. So, how can you use story marketing and turn a basic commodity into a meaningful experience? Let’s find out! 

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • How you can carve out a market share for your brand by using effective storytelling
  • How you can bring a personality and voice to your brand through story
  • Why you should use creative marketing to turn a commodity into a meaningful experience

Key Quotes

“If we were going to do this we would do it through humor and we would do it through colorful socks.” —Noah Lee @SockClub (click to tweet)

“Something that we strongly believe in is the power of storytelling and the power of human truth.” —@mk_huis (click to tweet)

“How can we say one thing that matters and encourage someone to take the next step in their journey to be bold or courageous?” —@mk_huis (click to tweet)

“You have to think about what’s going to influence them or how they will walk away and think about your brand.” —Noah Lee @SockClub (click to tweet)

“There are stories that already exist in your product, you just need to bring them to the surface.” —@mk_huis (click to tweet)

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