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#322: The 6 Ways to Humanizing Your Tech Story

#322: The 6 Ways to Humanizing Your Tech Story

As a futurist and developer sharing a new, innovative idea to the world can be tricky. And if you can find a way to deliver your tech-driven story that doesn’t zoom across your audience’s heads then you can supercharge your story to be agile and relevant in the marketplace.

But how do you communicate your complex message to a non-technical crowd? It’s being able to bring in the human component into your narrative. Focusing on the human factor and user experience will give them the in-depth understanding and appreciation they need.

A master storyteller herself, Donna Loughlin, joins us this week to share how you can humanize your tech-driven stories through her six-step process. Donna is the founder of LMGPR and is known for her work with futurists and innovators. She has launched more than 500 companies taking them from stealth to market leaders since forming her PR agency in 2002.

Prior to establishing LMGPR, Donna spent more than 10 years leading creative PR programs for several high-profile consumer and business services and IPOs in Silicon Valley for global market leaders in the consumer and business tech sectors. She has also held leadership positions with global PR firms Burson-Marsteller and Edelman Public Relations. 

Donna honed her journalism chops working for the Washington Post, NPR, Reuters, and BBC. She enjoys exploring the human side of technology and how it’s reshaping our society for the better. As the host of The Before It Happened podcast, she sits down with the world’s brightest minds to inspire all innovators and futurists to live into their most powerful stories. 

Join us, as Donna shares her six-step process in story development on how you can be relevant, bold and fearless, think out-of-the-box, why you need to listen to the market, be agile and gain the speed to propel your brand presence quickly.


Discussed in this episode 

  • The importance of revisiting your why in business, that singular lightbulb moment that inspired you to keep going and bring your vision to life
  • How being edgy and fearless with your story can make it tangible and engaging 
  • Creating relevant content and real-life experiences to create a user experience moment
  • Why you need to be predictive and preventative in understanding the marketplace and being clear with the opportunity you have within it 
  • Donna shares her idea of the difference between an acorn and a unicorn and where you might fall on that scale
  • How you can articulate a critical story that needs to have nuance but at that same time may potentially offend and how to bridge that connection


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