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#230: How to Use Brand Storytelling to Ignite Your Startup

#230: How to Use Brand Storytelling to Ignite Your Startup

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or thinking about becoming one, one thing is for certain: you either have or had a great idea. But convincing others to buy into your vision is challenging, especially when the concept does not exist yet. So, craft your pitch around what they can really buy into: you.

My guest, Sonny Patel, is the CEO of Insurmi, an AI-based engagement platform for insurance carriers that he founded just three years ago. What started as simply a great idea is now being used by top-tier global insurance carriers to easily generate new business online, streamline customer claims, and deliver excellent customer service through conversational AI. And Sonny will be the first to tell you that without leveraging the power of story, it would have only remained a great idea. He shares how he and his team continue to leverage storytelling to grow Insurmi and how you can do the same.

Whether it be via Business of Story workshops, keynote presentation, or workbook, the very first skill I teach you is the ability to recognize your origin story and share it in a compelling way. So, it came as no surprise to find that Sonny’s origin story was a key driver in his brand’s success.

Especially in the early stages, it is imperative to share your origin story in order to compel people to invest in you because of your vision. ~Sonny Patel

The most important thing is to tell your narrative using storytelling frameworks (see Resources & Links) to prevent spewing out an onslaught of information and losing your audience altogether. The frameworks ensure they have an anecdote to follow because story is irresistible to our monkey brains.

All throughout the journey you are asking for others to buy into your vision which is a fiction, so that imagined reality must be shared in an incredibly clear and compelling fashion in order for them to invest. ~Sonny Patel

Discussed in this Episode

  • Storytelling mistakes to be mindful of
  • How to utilize story to overcome pushback
  • Why storytelling increases credibility and trust
  • The significance of communicating not only what you make, but more importantly what you make happen

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