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#192: How to Immerse an Audience in Your Brand Story

#192: How to Immerse an Audience in Your Brand Story

As our attention spans grow shorter, most of us look for new ways to absorb stories. But it’s challenging to make your story stand out amongst all the noise and distraction. On this week’s show, welcome to the world of the virtually immersive novel where tech and the printed work take you on a Sci-Fi adventure.

The creator, L.S. Larson, president of Axon, formerly Taser International, shares his inspiration for creating the future of storytelling and how your brand can immerse your audience in your stories, too.

“What exists today is just not enough.” —L. S. Larson

L.S. believes that writing out of passion creates authenticity in promoting your brand story. After becoming a father of three daughters, L.S. set out to write a sci-fi series that would not only be fun but also show his girls that they can be great inventors and make a massive impact.

Marrying technology and art, the Intergalactic Institute of Science and Technology (IGIST) Experience app immerses the reader and transports you to the IGIST Universe. The innovative app combines the essential elements of an e-reader with gamification you might find in Fortnite or your favorite filter on TikTok. But the real power of the experience stems from the compelling story that is elegantly enhanced by all the capabilities of your smartphone. 

So, is it a book? A game? An augmented reality app? Turns out its a little bit of everything.  His immersive novel enhances the story with photorealistic illustrations and animations that pop up throughout the text. As readers progress through the story, they earn badges and coins which they can then use to purchase character portraits and stickers, as well as character cards.

In this week’s show, learn about the world’s first immersive novel and how you can use these storytelling techniques for your brand.

“No matter what problems we face and idea can prevail.” —L.S. Larson

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • The inspiration for creating IGIST
  • What an immersive novel is and why it’s the future of reading
  • Upcoming IGIST event at the Arizona Science Center
  • The launch tour, and all upcoming dates before Europe

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