Michael Stelzner – Founder & CEO of Social Media Examiner

How to Inspire Customers to Tell Your Brand Story

#57: How to Inspire Customers to Tell Your Brand Story

Brands aren’t just storytellers – they’re story creators, too. Once you have your brand story straight, let customers and followers help you tell it through shareable moments and experiences. Social Media Examiner‘s Founder and CEO Michael Stelzner joins the Business of Story podcast to discuss about why creating fantastic events can help build your brand’s story, the future of algorithms, and the importance of having your own digital home ground.

Imagine your fans being so excited about an upcoming event that they are talking about it a full year ahead of time.Events like Social Media Marketing World are the perfect example of how digital storytelling can skyrocket your brand to success. But how can brands create events and experiences worthy of being shared on social media? 

Michael Stelzner, the Founder and CEO at Social Media Examiner, has fine-tuned the art of putting on fantastic events that draw eager crowds and lots of media and consumer coverage. He’s all about connection, early engagement, and crafting memorable experiences for his consumers. When you build excitement, value, and provide the space for sharing, consumers can quickly become brand advocates.

Michael also chats with us about setting up opportunities for organic growth, engaging with fans early on, the growing value of micro-niche markets, and how to create your own fun.

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