Leslie Zane

#283: How to Get Customers to Instinctively Buy From You

#283: How to Get Customers to Instinctively Buy From You

Do you ever feel exhausted because you have tried every trick in the marketing playbook, and your efforts have resulted in little to no growth? Even worse, you have probably flushed away countless dollars and resources in the process. 

But, what if traditional brand marketing concepts are no longer (or never were) the most effective way? Instead of communicating emotion overtly, you might consider tapping into your consumer’s subconscious. 

Leslie Zane, founder of Triggers, the first woman-owned brand consultancy, explains why resonating with your consumers’ subconscious – what she calls the “Brand Connectome” – is the most powerful mechanism for accelerating your brand’s growth, and most importantly, she will teach you how to do so.

Discussed in this Episode

  • The brand connectome and the steps you can take to begin tapping into your consumers’ connectome
  • The fundamental findings that came from studying and coming to understand the underlying science around behavior change, or in other words, how to change people’s minds which results in changed behavior
  • The three principles that can help you manage your brand’s network of associations and accelerate top-line sales growth 
  • Clearing up misconceptions around marketing emotion
  • Why you must forgo focus groups and instead you must do the RIGHT kind of consumer research to truly understand your consumers AND what is the RIGHT consumer research to conduct

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