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#277: Kenny Aronoff’s Legendary Purpose-Driven Brand Story

#277: Kenny Aronoff’s Legendary Purpose-Driven Brand Story

You, like most of us, aspire for success in your professional life. And along the way, you may have lost sight of your deep desires or what fuels you beyond making a buck. 

But ironically when you lose sight of what drives you, you often become your greatest roadblock.

In this episode, one of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s finest drummers, Kenny Aronoff (the heartbeat of John Cougar Mellencamp’s band) shares why following your purpose will make you unstoppable, undeniable, and the author of your own legendary brand story. 

Discussed in this Episode

  • How Kenny Aronoff found his purpose and utilized his “north star” to live into his most authentic personal brand story
  • Why we must have the courage to turn down certainty for uncertainty if it means living into our authentic personal brand narrative or, in other words, our true calling
  • How listening to your gut feelings and identifying what excites and drives you will help you to uncover your most authentic personal brand narrative
  • How to incorporate purpose into your personal brand narrative and why this is the key to your success

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