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Liz Warren, Director & Co-founder of Storytelling Institute

#169: How To Advance Your Education and Life With Storytelling

#169: How To Advance Your Education and Life With Storytelling

Storytelling is so highly relevant in elevating the skills and competence of professionals in their respective fields. Yet, why is no one in business has taught how to use storytelling to their advantage?

With the influx of new technology, it is no surprise why a huge need for storytelling has been stirred. A lot of ideas swarming inside the great minds of innovative thinkers are going down the drain, unnoticed. The main culprit lies in the absence of a binding ingredient, essential in connecting us together through stories. 

On this week’s show, we have someone who is pioneering the ancient skill of storytelling in upper education. Liz Warren is the Faculty Director and Co-Founder of the Storytelling Institute at South Mountain Community in Phoenix, Arizona, an institute helping students use storytelling to advance their career and life. Liz’s textbook, The Oral Tradition Today: An Introduction to the Art of Storytelling is used at colleges around the nation.

In this show, we will learn tips that can be immediately implemented to be a notable storyteller, plus a few assignments we can start on our own to take part in learning about storytelling as a jump start in advancing our lives.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • The aim of traditional storytelling and journalism
  • The difference between an ordinary storyteller versus a talented storyteller
  • How the hero’s journey is the story of our bodies
  • Creating a theme for your story and associating values to it
  • Tips that can be immediately implemented to be a notable storyteller

Key Quotes

“Story is the most fundamental way of sharing knowledge and sharing the values and ideas that we want to pass on to the next generation.” —Liz Warren

“Storytelling is a powerful oral tradition.”  —Park Howell

“Hero’s journey is built on documenting change. It separates stories from other narrative forms. Real stories documents change.” —Liz Warren

“Storytelling is the heart of being a homo sapiens.”  —Park Howell

“Hero’s journey is the story of our bodies. We literally embody these stories.” —Liz Warren

“People will remember what you shared when you link your information with a story.” —Liz Warren

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