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Freya Williams, CEO of Futerra & Author

#143: How Logic and Magic in Your Purpose-Driven Brand Storytelling can Change the World

#143: How Logic and Magic in Your Purpose-Driven Brand Storytelling can Change the World

If you are a leader of a purpose-driven brand, then you appreciate the growing industry of sustainability.  But many brands are still struggling with how to tell their corporate social responsibility narratives and their stories of sustainability – because they’re too often focused on their efforts rather than their outcomes 

Remember, your brand stories are not about what you make, but what you make happen. 

In 2006, Freya Williams stood in a grocery store staring at the toilet paper aisle. All of that toilet paper in front of her, and she couldn’t find the one thing she wanted; toilet paper made from recycled materials. It was in that moment that she came to a realization that something needed to change.

Freya is now a seasoned brand planner who’s focused her career on harnessing the power corporations have to transform the world for the better.  Freya, author of Green Giants: How Smart Companies Turn Sustainability Into Billion-Dollar Businesses, and CEO of Futerra North America, believes that sustainability should not be something that you sideline in times of economic hardship, but rather something that you lean into and look to for innovation and growth opportunity.

Just look at the mission of Freya’s organization, Futerra, which is an independent global change agency that helps unlock sustainability as a multi-billion dollar opportunity.

In this episode, Freya Williams explains how the perfect combination of logic and magic in your brand storytelling can quite literally change the world.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • Why sustainability is THE most lucrative business opportunity for the 21st century
  • What doesn’t work in sustainable storytelling
  • How incorporating sustainability into your business can be an opportunity for growth and help you overcome the myth that “Sustainability doesn’t sell”

Key Quotes

“Sustainability has proven itself as not just where you spend, save or donate money. But being absolutely central to how you make it.” – Freya Williams

“Make sustainability so desirable, it becomes normal.” – Freya Williams

“Where brands get into problems is where they have the magic, they have this great SuperBowl commercial about gender equality, but they haven’t done the due diligence on their business. They haven’t got the logic to back it up.” –Freya Williams

“Ask not what your customer can do for sustainability, but what can sustainability do for your consumer.” – Freya Williams

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