Lucas Keijning, Exhibition Developer at NEMO Science Museum

#108: How To Use Story To Connect With The Kid In All Of Us

#108: How To Use Story To Connect With The Kid In All Of Us

Often, it’s incredibly difficult to connect with your audience.

We’ve all been in that frustrating position. It’s not easy to find the common ground that can make the difference between a message working or not.  But there is one big aspect that everyone on earth can relate to, and you can use to your advantage and create a powerful message.

Joining us from Amsterdam is Lucas Keijning, a creative member of the NEMO Science Museum. Lucas’ job is to make science fun and accessible to people of all ages, and to do this, he appeals to the common factor in us all: the inner kid. Even though we put it away, we all have a childlike mind that wants to explore and understand. By using this discovery mindset, you can craft a powerful story that resonates with any audience.

Lucas is publishing a new children’s interactive ebook, Mr. and Mrs. Slob, complete with all the sound effects you’d expect with a slobby couple. And the kids are going to love it.

He even got Dutch American comic, Greg Shapiro, to narrate it. Shapiro is famous in the Netherlands for introducing Donald Trump to the Dutch in this video that came out after the election.

Tune into today’s show and learn how people of all ages can transform into an excited, curious, and fascinated lod again.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • How to use your business story to connect with the kid in all of us
  • The importance of testing your stories while trusting your intuition
  • What is your big ‘whoopee cushion’ idea

Key Quotes

  • “Kids are eager to explore how the world works, and I think if you create that same atmosphere for adults, they can become a kid again.” – Lucas Keijning
  • “Kids love finding the border between what they can do and what they can’t do.” – Lucas Keijning
  • “What we do is we try to fascinate people. We do this by invoking emotions like curiosity and anxiety.” – Lucas Keijning
  • “If you have ideas that you think might be interesting, go to your audiences to find out if they really are.” – Lucas Keijning
  • “Trust your intuition if something is feasible or interesting. If at the moment it’s not good enough, it might get better if you elaborate on it.” – Lucas Keijning
  • “We’re all just kids, cloaked in our wrinkled adult selves.” – Park Howell
  • “One of the most powerful emotions we can invoke in people is disgust, and we can do that in a good way.” – Park Howell

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