Sheevaun Thatcher

#336: Make No Mistake, You’re in Sales

#336: Make No Mistake, You’re in Sales

We are all in sales whether we like it or not. And if you can provide your salespeople with everything they need to better engage and convert potential buyers, then you’ll see more deals closed and revenue soaring for your business.

But your reps don’t have the right resources, materials and tools they need to be able to boost conversions and work more leads through your buyer’s journey. 

Today’s guest will show you how. Sheevaun Thatcher is a leading force in sales enablement with a remarkable track record of building teams and programs and delivering revenue outcomes. She even had one training video viewed over one million times in just four days!

Sheevaun is the President of Global Digital Learning and Enablement at RingCentral leading a team that trains between five and six thousand colleagues annually on Support Sales, Customer Success and Support, Channel and Partner Engagement, global corporate-wide Onboarding, Innovation Training, Product Marketing, Curriculum Design, Digital E-Learning and Video Production.  

During her career working with global enterprise sales teams and domestic start-ups, she has learned that performance is dictated not only by innate talent but also by targeted and creative programs that focus on your customer’s vision of their future.  

Tune in as Sheevaun teaches us the four pillars of sales enablement, how to use storytelling to secure and build relationships and shares some tips on presentation skills.


Discussed in this episode 

  • What sales enablement means for your business
  • Why you need to make the buying experience the cornerstone of your efforts
  • Understanding how communication works based on the media you use especially through the virtual world
  • The importance of building strong relationships with sales leadership and knowing who the influencers of an organization are to get your offer out there
  • Why you need to make sure everybody in your company understands your go-to-market strategy so they have a clear understanding of who the buyer is and the journey they’re on to better connect your story to theirs
  • How to get your message across effectively when you are communicating to your audience so you can grab their attention and keep them entertained 


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