Lynne Goldberg

#245: COVID-19: How Meditation Will Strengthen Your Storytelling

#245: COVID-19: How Meditation Will Strengthen Your Storytelling

As the coronavirus continues to turn the world upside down, many of us feel overwhelmed by fear and anxiety. Our minds can become consumed with fabricated stories, creating an unhealthy cycle of negativity and despair. Ultimately this puts our minds and bodies at risk for depression and illness.

But the solution is available for all of us, if only we put our minds to it. Practicing meditation triggers chemicals in the brain that allow you to gain control of our thoughts and lower anxiety, even in the midst of a crisis.

Lynne Goldberg, co-Founder of Breethe, a leading meditation app and author of Get Balanced, Get Blissed: Nourishment for Body, Mind, and Soul, and international media expert shares how to wrestle control of your mind to create a stronger inner storyteller during the COVID-19 crisis.

Discussed in this Episode

  • How meditation can help us shape the stories we tell ourselves and the way we see the world
  • How meditation can help us in times of crisis and in particular, the current crisis at hand
  • The science of what happens in the brain when you practice meditation
  • The benefits of meditation and the importance of having patience when beginning the practice of meditation

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