Erik Osland & Sentari Minor

#370: How to Overcome Stigma With Your Story

#370: How to Overcome Stigma With your Story

Let’s face it, you think the world of your business, your industry and the product or service you provide.

But people tell themselves a lot of anti-stories about you and your work. Your job is to reframe their point of view, and provide them with a true, optimistic outlook about what you can do for them.

One of the industries that have historically had to overcome a lot of stigma is mental health. Yet, given all we’ve been through with the pandemic, living in the most divided country we’ve seen in a century, the seclusion we find ourselves in working from home, the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous future before us, we have a lot going on between our ears, and much of it is not very healthy for our being.

Our negativity bias tunes us to horror stories that gain even more strength if you watch 20 minutes of news. But what if you reframed those stories you’re telling yourself, and even help your colleagues, customers, and the communities you serve to see you and your offering in a whole new positive light?

Today’s guests, Eric Osland, Managing Partner of evolvedMD, and Sentari Minor, Head of Strategy, will show you how they’ve had to reframe the stigma around mental health for their growing startup leveraging brand storytelling they call “Mission Moments.”

Eric shares how he started evolvedMD from a personal experience he had with his chronically ill father that illuminated the depths of mental illness and how few services were available.

A Mission Moment with Pierre, a Behavioral Health Manager at evolvedMD

On today’s show, Eric and Sentari show you how to operationalize storytelling in your company to build culture and sales. Plus, you’ll hear how vulnerable stories make more powerful leaders.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How to reframe your personal story to empower your brand story.
  • How to use business storytelling to overcome a stigma within your industry.
  • The importance of your Why story to help overturn audience misconceptions.
  • How evolvedMD uses “Mission Moments” to tell their brand story.
  • Finding strength in vulnerability to make your story more engaging.


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