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Miri Rodriguez, Storyteller at Microsoft

#128: The Four Story Pillars of Microsoft’s Brand Storytelling

#128: The Four Story Pillars of Microsoft’s Brand Storytelling

You might not realize it, but right now you are in the middle of your own Hero’s Journey.

Your lifelong story of triumph, defeat, and resurgence has brought you to where you stand today, with your experiences and wisdom building your character. When we reflect on our journey, we often think of our own personal growth.

But what about the impact we have made on our friends, family, peers and beyond? Every day, we inspire, change, and support the people around us by simply living our lives. In this episode, we’ll show you how to channel your personal Hero’s Journey into creating a story that humanizes you, your brand, and most importantly, your audience.

Joining us today is Miri Rodriguez, Storyteller at Microsoft and a brand storytelling master. She is an award-winning creative journalist, two-time participant in Microsoft’s #MySkills4Afrika program, and volunteer business consultant and brand coach.

Miri executes the four story pillars at Microsoft to help the tech giant humanize its brand. Today she will teach you how to apply these story elements in your life to define and grow the influence of your personal brand, as well as engage your team and increase revenues for your organizational brand. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • The four storytelling pillars that Microsoft uses to humanize its brand
  • Different kinds of stories you can use to connect with your audience

Key Quotes

“We as humans are all natural storytellers, we just don’t know it. We’ve made it a big buzzword, but when we boil it down, it’s something we do every day.” – Miri Rodriguez

“The business wanted data, but I found that telling the story of a customers experience was much more persuasive.” – Miri Rodriguez

“They don’t want to meet Microsoft, they want to meet Miri from Microsoft.” – Miri Rodriguez

“Story is not just a story, it’s a strategy to connect with your business and your customers.” – Miri Rodriguez

“People who do amazing things and inspiring so many people often don’t see themselves as heroes because to them, that’s just what they do. – Miri Rodriguez

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