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#274: Why Moments Matter in Your Storytelling

#274: Why Moments Matter in Your Storytelling

Think back to a memory that had a lasting impact on your life. You’ll recall the defining moments because they have transformed you in some way. And when you share these pivotal moments with others, they too can experience the profound impact.

But, the magic is lost if the story is told without a narrative framework. Your story marketing is about transporting your audience from one perspective to another, from one place in time to a whole new opportunity. And that starts with the central moment in your story when everything changes for that person. 

In this episode, Chase McLaughlin, the marketer responsible for the new family storytelling app called Quilted, shares how you can capture your moments to create lasting stories.

As you tune in to the show, listen for the moments in Chase’s life that have shaped who he is today as a story marketer, and then think about your own moments. Find these scenes in your life and your personal brand story will find you.

Discussed in this Episode

  • What it takes to get a startup off the ground during trying times
  • Why collective storytelling is important (and gaining popularity) and tips for how to encourage collective storytelling
  • How to overcome the “shrinking” mentality that has plagued so many of us due to the pandemic and how to find opportunities in these uncertain times
  • Quilted’s features and benefits and how YOU can use it in both a personal and professional capacity

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