Josh Ginsberg – CEO of Zignal Labs

#11: Monitoring the Health of Your Story

#11: Monitoring the Health of Your Story

Learn how to test the health of your stories from one of the top online storytelling monitoring systems in the world.

How do you imagine a story becomes popular? A narrative never emerges from the hands of a publisher as an instant success. They start with a couple views from whatever media outlet they’re presented on and are only relayed through simple means, such as word of mouth or social media until they snowball into tremendous successful publications with millions and millions of views. Depending on the story, this can be great for a company… or devastating!

We have a guest today who has helped revolutionize the process of managing the flow of information regarding brand marketing. He’s worked for organizations ranging from top fortune 500 companies to several different presidential elections. He is one of the founders and CEO of Zignal Labs, a media intelligence organization that works to help you find the origins and paths of the stories about you. Josh Ginsberg is with us to explain the benefits of finding the path a story takes in its journey to find its way into the world. An expert in this field, Josh will explain the impact his company makes every day in assisting organizations in the realm of advertising store brand marketing, controversy avoiding, or even crisis situations. As always, Josh will impart the wisdom he has gained during his career to help you learn how to make your story just a little bit more effective.

Primary Points:

  • Importance of finding the source of stories, where they gain traction
  • How to find out what resonates with people
  • How to discern what narrative outlets require the most attention

Key Quotes:

  • “In actuality, your customers own your story.” – Park Howell
  • “How do you answer the question ‘Is my ad working?’” – Josh Ginsberg


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