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#334: How to Be a More Effective Presenter Using Storytelling

#334: How to Be a More Effective Presenter Using Storytelling

The prospect of giving a presentation fills some people with dread, while others relish the experience. And if you can deliver a phenomenal presentation with unwavering confidence, then you’ll be able to pique the interest of your audience, make valuable personal connections and your message will finally hit home.

But you’re spitting out everything you know instead of boiling down your messaging into consumable bites that your audience can easily digest. Keep it simple, clear and concise!

Today, I’m joined by my dear friend, Deborah Ostreicher. She shows us her three-step approach to making more powerful and convincing business presentations which she demonstrates in her new book, Enter, Enlighten, Exit: A Simple Guide to Making Clear, Concise and Convincing Presentations.

Deb has spent a lifetime performing on the stage and over 25 years in leadership positions around the globe, including as Marketing Director for a multi-national hi-tech company in Central Europe, as Events Manager for Prince Charles in the U.K. and most recently as the Vice President of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. 

She is now the President of Distinguished Communications, an international firm that dramatically improves communication for individuals, teams and for entire companies. She earned her undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Maryland, College Park; her MBA in International Business at the American University, Washington, D.C. and her certificate in Leadership Communications from Harvard University, Boston. 

Tune in as she shares how you can level up your public speaking skills using her 3-step approach by entering your presentation with a bang, effectively engaging your audience and exiting like a pro!


Discussed in this episode 

  • Understanding the objective of your presentation so you can narrow down your information to the most important pieces
  • Centering on your audience’s needs to warm them up and build trust
  • Why focusing on your words is hurting the ability of your audience in being able to understand your message
  • How you can compellingly use storytelling at the start of your presentation to grab your audience’s attention, keep them engaged and allow them to remember your points afterward
  • Why three is the magic number and the number of key points you should have to support the overall premise of your presentation
  • How you can deliver the perfect exit line like a pro


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