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#232: Peanut Butter and the Power of a Purposeful Brand Story

#232: Peanut Butter and the Power of a Purposeful Brand Story

Selling a product is challenging and if it’s already a commodity, differentiation is mandatory. This can only be accomplished when your audience understands not why your product is better, but why buying into your brand makes their lives better. But far too often we resort to sharing product data and statistics because we think that is what will make our brand or products sound better. In the process, we lose the attention of our audience and also the sale. Instead, learn how to utilize story to connect with and captivate your audience to convert them into loyal customers.

With me is a special guest who uses the ultimate commoditized product, peanut butter, to benefit families domestically and globally. Jeff Malkoon is the founder of Peanut Butter Americano, a nut spread business whose mission is to provide delicious, nutritious, and socially beneficial spreads. Because they put purpose before profit, the brand has grown tremendously and can now be found in stores such as Whole Foods and Sprouts. In this episode, he shares how to utilize purpose to drive profit and impact.

Brand alignment and buy-in come only when your audience is able to truly understand your passion and brand purpose. And there is no better way to communicate that message than by sharing your origin story.

You have to bring people back to the beginning in order for them to truly understand your passion, otherwise all they see is an end product which is very surface level. ~ Jeff Malkoon

By sharing, you form a connection and capture their attention because they now understand not only what you make, but more importantly what you make happen. This connection encourages engagement and ultimately leads to brand loyalty.

Companies that stand the test of time are not the companies that merely had a great product or service, it’s the companies that keep engaging and searching for ways to make tomorrow better for their customers and the world. ~ Jeff Malkoon

Discussed in this Episode

  • The impact stories of passion have on your audience
  • How storytelling reveals opportunities and partnerships
  • How to use your origin story as your brand’s north star
  • Why sharing your purpose-driven story forms strong alignments

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