Jim Ward, President & CEO of the Phoenix Symphony Association

#122: How a Hollywood Veteran Saved a Symphony With a Purpose-Driven Brand Story

#122: How a Hollywood Veteran Saved a Symphony With a Purpose-Driven Brand Story

Telling the right story can help you in every situation.

Even if you’re a novice who’s transferred into a completely new field, the ability to create the right narrative will make you an invaluable asset to your team.

Unfortunately, most people find themselves overwhelmed in a new work environment, terrified of their lack of experience. This episode will teach you that when you have confidence, authenticity, and a powerful story, you can overcome any obstacle.

Joining us is a man who has worked in wildly different work throughout his career. Jim Ward, President and CEO of The Phoenix Symphony Association, knows firsthand the intimidation of joining an organization without a clear idea of what’s needed. 

Here is the rehearsal with John Williams that I was fortunate enough to attend. It has been these kinds of innovative community events that have helped the Phoenix Symphony become one of the leaders in resurrecting Arizona’s fine art scene.

Jim has worked with influential business leaders, such as George Lucas, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Rolling Stones, and even Tiger Woods. He recently moved to Phoenix and began helping the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra regain their footing during financial difficulties.

Each of these wildly different positions needed the same critical skill: storytelling. Today Jim will share his stories of uncertainty, understanding, open-mindedness, and confidence during his career, and teach you how to become the best storyteller you can be.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • How to create a purpose-driven story to help your business
  • Why confidence in your work is key
  • How narrative impacts and defines the course of all organizations

Key Quotes

“I don’t care what business you’re in, a narrative is critical to everything you do.” – Jim Ward

“The most important aspect of our narrative and branding was that we had to find our original mission.” – Jim Ward

“Our purpose became to leverage what made us unique to set us apart from other orchestras.” – Jim Ward

“I told him, I don’t know anything about Hollywood. Why would you want my help with your movie? And he said, ‘that’s exactly why we want you.’” – Jim Ward

“What impressed me the most was his attention to detail and humanity.” – Park Howell

“Before, your mission was about being better than the competition. Now, it’s about being the best you can be.” – Park Howell

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