Ron Ploof – Creator of the Story How Pitch Deck

Pitch Perfect Storytelling

#16: Pitch Perfect Storytelling

When you apply storytelling to your brand, your business achieves incredible growth. Story marketing is becoming more widely used, and people are noticing how critical a narrative is to success. Creating a brand story has a powerful impact, but often companies struggle to find a story to tell. That’s why finding your stories is the subject of this episode.

Joining us is Ron Ploof, creator of the StoryHow Pitch Deck, and the host of the pioneering Griddlecakes Radio podcast. Ron has been hosting a story marketing podcast since before he knew what story marketing was all about and has broken down the systems that can put your story on top. This week we will explore the boundless storytelling possibilities you create every day, the power of empathy, and how you can create ‘the long tale.’ Honing your storytelling skills is in the cards when you and your team become more persuasive presenters.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • Creating the Long Tale
  • Where you can find a goldmine of stories
  • Bringing empathy and purpose to your story

Key Quotes

  • “The very act of business is a story.” – Ron Ploof
  • “We’re so focused on moving on to the next big thing, we leave behind stories all over the place.” – Ron Ploof
  • “It’s kind of hard to have empathy for a logo.” – Ron Ploof
  • “They think the data is the storyline, and it’s really not.” – Park Howell
  • “People think that they’re selling to a business, and they forget they’re actually working with a human being.” – Park Howell

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