Janine Kurnoff - Founder of The Presentation Company

#79: How to Plan Your Presentations for Effective Results

#79: How To Plan Your Presentations For Effective Results

We all want to be compelling storytellers and create memorable presentations, but sometimes it’s difficult to make business data compelling. Investing in a few planning steps and letting yourself practice storytelling techniques can help you craft more authentic, compelling, and effective business presentations based on your available data.

Today we have a specialist with us. Her name is Janine Kurnoff. She and her sister, Lee Lazarus, run the Presentation Company. They’ve been doing amazing presentation work for the likes of Apple, Facebook, Pepsi, Cisco, and Hewlett-Packard, among others. Janine is on the show today to take us through what goes into creating a terrific presentation and where to find your stories. How can you have a very dedicated approach to practicing storytelling so that you get better with every presentation you make?

Janine talks about the four primary story elements to every great presentation, She also shares a quick step-by-step process to plan your presentation. Finally, she takes us through the three ways to incorporate the use of character, an essential element in every story, into your work. 

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Why you should always start with story to create great presentations
  • How to remain authentic and connect with your audience
  • How to plan and practice your storytelling to improve your skills

Key Quotes

Drop the PowerPoint. Close your laptops. Start with your story first.” — Janine Kurnoff 

“You can have your data, but you need to wrap it in a story. Otherwise, it’s just facts.”— Janine Kurnoff 

“I truly believe we are all innate storytellers.” — Janine Kurnoff

Great storytelling takes practice.” — Park Howell 


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