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#198: How to Inspire People With Your Purpose-Driven Brand Story

#198: How to Inspire People With Your Purpose-Driven Brand Story

We live in a time of mass consumerism and that has resulted in a plethora of brands all vying to get more sales. But with a vast sea of competition in just about every industry, it is easy for an organization to miss the mark. Therefore, finding a way to differentiate yourself by focusing on what your brand makes happen in peoples’ lives has become a proven success formula for purpose-driven brands.

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Our guest on this week’s show has become an expert on how to differentiate your brand to not only survive, but to thrive. Adam Goodman is the third-generation President & CEO of Goodmans Interior Structures, a leading Phoenix-based office furniture company that values community service. Adam realized that through a shared higher purpose, his employees and customers found deeper meaning in Goodmans than just selling furniture.

What became evident to Adam was that a purpose-driven brand story empowers employees because it gives them a common goal to rally around. It encourages them to contribute their best and most meaningful work.

Adam also wants to inspire his competition and compel them to have a higher purpose, so Goodmans generates and gives their purpose-driven “ideas playbook” to other businesses so they, too, can do good for their communities. Why share their secrets to success?

The idea is to elevate the entire furniture industry, so that we can all rise together. ~ Adam Goodman

The Goodmans Vision:

At Goodmans, we will change our community.

We will create a city of world class employers who attract top talent from across the country. We will encourage energetic entrepreneurs to take risks in search of the newest new thing. We will teach executives to harness the power of design to transform their companies into vibrant enterprises of engaged workers. We will leverage design to inspire better learning outcomes for students. We will build healthcare environments that promote healing. We will create value for stockholders, taxpayers, students and patients by decreasing expenses in our corporations, government agencies, schools and hospitals.

We will build a community that takes care of its sick, supports its weak, inspires its artists, protects its resources and promotes faith for its citizenry.

At Goodmans, we will change our community.

And we will do it by establishing ourselves as an example with style, humor, compassion, integrity and respect.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • How Goodmans has created its own version of Herman Miller’s “Living Office”
  • How Adelante Healthcare has increased its ROI using purpose-driven storytelling
  • How Goodwill of Central Arizona has increased its ROI using purpose-driven storytelling
  • The importance of repetition to keeping your purpose-brand story alive
  • How Goodmans is celebrating its 65th anniversary in an unusual way

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