Lee Einhorn, Creative Director at Venables Bell & Partners

#119: How REI’s #OptOutside Campaign Reflects a Powerful Brand Purpose

#119: How REI’s #OptOutside Campaign Reflects a Powerful Brand Purpose

Every business has its own set of values. Either for publicity purposes or genuine care, all organizations have principals that guide the direction of the brand’s growth.

But what if your values were in conflict with that growth? Would you be willing to set aside profit to keep in line with your personal story? Authentic story brand marketing demands a fearless commitment to your character, and today’s guest will discuss how living up to your values is the key to success.

Lee Einhorn has been creating advertising campaigns since he was 10 years old. Creative Director at Venables Bell & Partners, Lee has been able to exercise his creative branding skills to build innovative advertising movements, such as the anti-smoking Truth Campaign, which helped drop teen smoking by 23 percent! 

On this week’s podcast, Lee is joining us to discuss his role in REI’s #OptOutside movement, which closes their stores on Black Friday to encourage you to spend time with family in the great outdoors. Join us to learn how this simple story of a company’s values created a movement that could change the industry for years to come.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • Creating your story from the heart
  • Why values are more important than value
  • Changing the world through an authentic story

Key Quotes

“Our job was to strike the match, fan the fires, and the customers would take it upon themselves and create the story.” – Lee Einhorn

“The whole idea was we wanted people to engage and make the story their own.” – Lee Einhorn

“We could have added a lot of ugly Black Friday footage, but we decided to keep it as positive as possible. This was a campaign that came from the heart, and had to reflect our story.” – Lee Einhorn

“We made it clear from the beginning that this wasn’t a publicity stunt. This came from the heart of what we believed in.” – Lee Einhorn

“My big questions are, how does a brand like REI continue to make statements?  How do they continue to be a brand of meaning?” – Lee Einhorn

“The story wasn’t about REI, it was about creating a space for their consumer base to move into action.” – Park Howell

“You were able to create a narrative that helped stir people into action and get them thinking about the issues. “ – Park Howell

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