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#70: How to Rewire Your Mental Patterns to Rewrite a More Powerful Personal Story

#70: How To Rewire Your Mental Patterns To Rewrite a More Powerful Personal Story

We all want abundant lives and to create successful businesses. Even with these positive intentions, it’s easy to get stuck in our own limited thinking and bad habits. Therefore it’s necessary to rewire our mindset and allow for a more positive and expansive story to live into.

If you are a long-time listener, you’ve probably heard me share this line several times: the most potent story you’ll ever tell is the story you tell yourself, so make it a good one.

I also like to back that up with: no one’s going to buy your story until you own it first. And today’s guest is living proof of what it means to bring these two thoughts together!

ipad_lft_r4wMelanie Benson left a very well paying job and the safety net of a Fortune 500 company to strike out on her own as a business lifestyle expert. At first, she failed. But after rewiring her own patterns and gaining the motivation to make her business work, she succeeded with flying colors.

How? She realized she was living into a story that didn’t work for her. Once she changed her story, her whole world opened up. Since then, Melanie has gone on to coach many companies, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs to great success by helping them understand how to rewire their patterns and change their stories.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • How the story you tell yourself directly affects the story you can tell your brand
  • How to rewire your mindset to impact your habits and create optimal success
  • Why it’s imperative to avoid the most common success barriers and to delegate daily tasks to free you for higher-level thinking

Key Quotes

It’s amazing how many people get in their own way, — Melanie Benson

“One of my all-time favorite go-to strategies is delegation.” —Melanie Benson

“I had to go through a process of learning how to be confident.” —Melanie Benson

“We have to be science fiction writers for our own lives. ” —Park Howell 

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