Dr. Kevin Gazzara

#288: Reinventing Your Career, Rewriting Your Story

#288: Reinventing Your Career, Rewriting Your Story

Like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, you’re not in Kansas anymore. This twister of a pandemic has whisked us all into the land of Oz. We are constantly faced with an abundance of unknowns and obstacles.

But when our world is turned upside down, we have one of two choices:  we can give in to the fear, or we can take the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. 

In this episode, Dr. Kevin Gazzara, CEO of Magna Leadership Solutions, management & leadership expert, Executive Positive Intelligence Coach, professor at five universities, speaker, and author of The Leader of Oz, shares how to get in touch with your younger self so that with the the click of your “ruby shoes” you can emerge through any challenge as a new version of yourself.

Discussed in this Episode

  • How you can find your true purpose and passion by trusting your inner sage and combatting your saboteurs
  • How you can assess your current environment for happiness and engagement and what to do if you find that you are lacking either or both
  • Why networking and sharing your network with others can lead to huge success in your personal and professional life
  • Dr. Gazzara shares how he has utilized the systems theory in his leadership coaching and how it can benefit your life

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