Freddie Ravel

#305: Grammy Artist Shares the Rhythm of a Good Story

#305: Grammy Artist Shares the Rhythm of a Good Story

Music isn’t just entertainment. The principles of melody, harmony and rhythm can transform your brand communications and storytelling in sales.

But if you don’t have a background playing an instrument, you may think this approach to transforming your business isn’t for you.

Grammy Artist, Freddie Ravel, joins us this week to share how you can use music to transcend the boundaries of culture and thought leadership in the stories you tell.

We typically record on squadcast.fm but had technical difficulty. So we jumped over to ZOOM. Good thing we did, because we captured this episode in living color. Freddie is so gregarious, I’m happy to share the video of our session with you as well.

Freddie is the founder of Life In Tune™ and keynote speaker whose phenomenal music background has seen him direct bands like Earth, Wind and Fire, collaborate with accomplished musicians like Madonna, Kanye, Carlos Santana, perform at the Grammys with Prince, and successfully lead the teams behind Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Deepak Chopra, J Lo and Lady Gaga becoming the expert’s expert on successful multi-cultural and generational integration through the world’s oldest and undisputed international language of music. 

Dubbed as the “Keynote Maestro” by the City of Los Angeles, his impressive clientele include the likes of IBM, NASA, and Google. Calling his “ideal balance of Entertainment and Content” essential for transforming conflict to high-performance collaboration and beyond. 

Tune in as we explore the power of melody, harmony, and rhythm and the space between the notes in your business storytelling.

Discussed in this episode

  • The 3 elements of music and how to effectively use this multi-tasking power tool to overcome challenges of diversity in business so you can better connect & understand your audience 
  • The concept of SPACE and its significant value in communicating your brand story
  • Why being present is key – how music teaches you to be in the moment and how you can apply this to building human relationships
  • Freddie’s incredible music background and how he uses the power of melody, harmony and rhythm to bring life in tune to audiences and clients worldwide


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