Richard Lang, Author of Virtual Country: Strategy for 21st Century Democracy

#134: How To Make Your Story Heard on Capitol Hill

#134: How To Make Your Story Heard on Capitol Hill

No matter what end of the spectrum you’re on, politics is exhausting.

In our polarized world of fake news, Russian hacks, gun control, building the wall, LBGTQ rights, the endless cycle of controversy wears us down.  Even slight ideological differences can turn similar people into bitter enemies.

We’re stuck in a deadlock, and without communication between parties, no progress will be made.

Our guest today has a bold plan to untangle our politics and give every registered voter a troll-free online forum to research the issues, have a civil civic debate and cast a vote that will be heard on Capitol Hill.Virtual Country: Strategy for 21st Century Democracy

Richard Lang, author of Virtual Country: Strategy for 21st Century Democracy, joins us to explain his plan to create a safe space for political discourse. Lang co-founded Burst which became Democrasoft, the precursor to his current platform, NationalTownSquare.us. By taking away the labels of Republican and Democrat, issues become about the individuals and their stories.

Richard explains that our government has become influenced by money, rather than values. NationalTownSquare.us will take control of the national conversation and place it back in the hands of the voters.

On today’s episode, Richard explains the conception of his idea, how to create a neutral environment for discussion, and how you can voice your opinions and ideas in your story. Learn how each of us has a voice that can change the world.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • Lang’s Virtual Country Strategy
  • Creating a safe space for discourse
  • How to voice your opinions and ideas in a positive story

Key Quotes

“I was tired of being around people who were only motivated by profit.”  – Richard Lang

“It’s one thing to say you have values, it’s another to live by them.”  – Richard Lang

“Polarization means no discussion. We wanted to set up a safe environment to create discourse” 

– Richard Lang

“It’s not about how people are voting, it’s about how many are showing up to vote”.” – Richard Lang

“Whoever controls the narrative controls the outcome.” – Park Howell

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