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#324: The Sales Power of a Focused Brand Story

#324: The Sales Power of a Focused Brand Story

We are now living in a golden age of entrepreneurship where pursuing a start-up consultancy or business has never been easier. And you want to make sure you can grow your startup in a way that creates a valuable experience for your customers and prospects so you can gain consistent sustainable growth.

But you’re hindering the success to your startups exponential growth because you’re not tackling the biggest roadblock – getting crystal clear in defining exactly who you serve and what exactly your thing is for your audience so that you can make aligned decisions and actions that will accelerate your business the fastest.

Today, I’m bringing in one of the biggest champions of Arizona’s tech scene and has spent decades in the startup world, Greg Head. Greg is a 30-year software industry veteran who was part of the startup-to-scale journeys of three different software companies in the CRM industry, including one IPO. 

He is now an active mentor, advisor, consultant, podcast host of Dallas Software Podcast, and a speaker helping founders of early-stage software startups all over the world.

Greg is also the founder of Gregslist.com, the up-to-date list of local software companies and SaaS jobs used by thousands of founders, tech leaders, investors, and job seekers each month. He runs his own consulting company, Scaling Point, where he works with startup tech founders on marketing strategy, messaging, and scalable marketing execution. 

Listen as we explore how you can find your one thing and how you can focus on your brand story with the power of the ABT (the And, But, and Therefore) so you can start scaling and get your business back to growing fast.


Discussed in this episode

  • Why we see simplicity as a form of deception and how lasering into one message is key to leading you to exponential growth
  •  Why it’s necessary for you to go through an experimentation phase as a founder or startup in order to find your specialty
  • What is the target market trap and why you need to be zooming in on your zone of genius before you start expanding to a bigger market
  • The biggest traps startups make that causes them to fail before it has even begun to take off
  • How you can gain clarity to see why you must be one thing to a particular set of people in order to win
  • How you can use the ABT to narrow in on your message so you can simplify your prospects or customers journey to help them get what they want

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