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#335: What Sales Stories to Tell During These Turbulent Times

#335: What Sales Stories to Tell During These Turbulent Times

The global pandemic and current economic crises have forced times to get tighter and the way we run our businesses even tighter. And if you can approach the new challenges COVID has presented with business resilience then you can survive and thrive during these disruptive times.

But to better adapt to the world we’re now living in, you need to shift your focus from temporary fixes to a fresh approach to your sales strategy. You need to have a strong ROI story to drive sales and get your revenue back through the roof.

Here to help you tell the right stories during these turbulent times and social unrest is the CEO and founder of Badger Maps, the number one App in the App Store for outside and field salespeople, Steven Benson. Steve received his MBA from Stanford, joining Google where he became Google Enterprise’s Top Sales Executive globally in 2009.

He founded Badger Maps in 2012, designed for outside and field salespeople to upgrade existing CRMs with mapping, routing, and scheduling. Steve is also launching a new sales training platform on Badger Maps that in full disclosure will be featuring my ABTs of Selling™ short online course. 

He is also the host of the Outside Sales Talk podcast, a show specifically targeted for outside salespeople and is the President of the Sales Hall of Fame.

Join us as we explore sales leadership storytelling, how stories need to change in COVID times and how to be transparent and clear in communication and why that’s so important for Sales Leadership.


Discussed in this episode 

  • Reorienting your customer experience efforts to meet your customers’ primary needs
  • How to deal with your drop in revenue with the new and different challenges COVID has displayed 
  • Leading with empathy to better connect and strengthen your relationships with your customers
  • Steven’s new initiative, The Badger’s Sales University and why every outside salesperson needs to have access to these high-quality sales training videos on-demand presented by some of the top sales thought leaders 


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