Gerhard Gschwandtner

#326: The Powerful Sales Stories a Positive Mindset Creates

#326: The Powerful Sales Stories a Positive Mindset Creates

A positive self-image is key to living a happy and healthy life and if you can shift your self-limiting beliefs into self-empowering beliefs then you can truly transform your life to become a more impactful leader, help you achieve your goals and lead you to higher levels of success.

But you’re not changing the imprinted negative narrative you’ve told yourself as a child, holding you back from achieving the success you want in your personal and professional life. When you train your mind to see yourself and the world with increased clarity, you can make better decisions and become a better version of yourself.

Today, I am joined by a leading sales guru, Gerhard Gschwandtner. Gerald is the founder and CEO of Selling Power Magazine, and CEO of the Sales 3.0 Conferences. He has trained over 10,000 salespeople in Europe and the U.S and has incredibly turned Selling Power magazine into the world’s leading sales management magazine. He has a strong mission to contribute to the success of sales leaders with SellingPower.com, a sales intelligence platform that’s visited by over 300,00 sales leaders every month.

Gerhard is also the creator of the Peak Performance Mindset Workshop designed to help salespeople transform self-limiting beliefs into self-empowering beliefs and help them achieve their full potential, exceed quota and shift their mindset to achieve peak performance both personally and professionally.

Listen as we explore the four ways you can use mindfulness to create more powerful stories you can live into and prosper from.


Discussed in this episode

  •  How you can change the negative story you are telling yourself to an invigorating narrative to create the best version of you
  • How your mind processes negative experiences and the role it plays in forming a narrative that leads to emotions and creating beliefs and behaviors
  • Why you need to find your why in life so you can discover your best qualities, become a peak performer and live a life of purpose 
  • Simple and realistic mindfulness practices you can implement in your everyday life to boost your energy, increase your happiness and well-being and help you achieve your goals
  • How you can empower yourself through self-awareness of your self-talk and learning how to disengage with it to let it go
  • Gerhard’s remarkable story in sales, why he got into publishing and how he used the power of a positive mindset in successfully developing his magazine empire

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