Jaci & Michael Russo

#298: How to Scale Your Brand Storytelling for Reach and Impact

#298: How to Scale Your Brand Storytelling for Reach and Impact

Good stories – and brands – scale. The key is that you have to share your story from your audiences’ perspective so that they will make your story their story. What makes you special, and are you fulfilling that promise at every level?  When you deliver on those promises to your customers, the scaling begins.

Two people who know a ton about brand story scaling are Jaci and Michael Russo of brandRUSSO, a strategic branding agency in Lafayette, Louisiana. I’ve known Jaci since 2008 when Michael Gass of Fuel Lines hosted five of us agency owners in Birmingham, Alabama to help us sort our our own brand stories. 

Listen as Jaci and Michael provide another way to look at your brand story through their four-step process.

Discussed in this Episode

  • the 4 elements they use to build strategic brands
  • how Jaci and Michael operate their branding and advertising agency, how it started and how it has changed with new business models and marketing strategies
  • examples of successful marketing campaigns and their results
  • what a brand really is and what it means for your organization and your customers


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