Jenny Beres – Freelance Copywriter & Coach

The Secret to Developing a Thriving Business

#50: The Secret to Developing a Thriving Business

Jenny Beres, freelance copywriter and coach, joins the Business of Story podcast to reveal the importance of putting connections first, and how opening yourself up creates a thriving business and brand. Tune in to Jenny’s Business of Story podcast episode to learn tips on how to make who you are part of what you do, and tell that story to the world.

In business, sometimes it’s difficult to incorporate our personal lives into our professional stories. Jenny began her career as a playwright in Hollywood, where she landed writing jobs because of the passion conveyed through her stories. This sparked a new business idea for Jenny, who decided to show other freelancers and entrepreneurs how they can improve their professional stories to land high-paying clients.

Storytelling can help humanize your brand marketing strategy and create a thriving business, but only if you tell your stories to the right people. Jenny has been helping solopreneurs and professionals find their voice, find their story and make their way as writers. You can get more of Jenny’s insight in her free Facebook group, The Six Figure Freelancer.

After listening, start crafting your compelling business story with our new storytelling strategy workbook.

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