Annette Simmons – Author of The Story Factor

Secrets of Story’s Influence

#14: Secrets of Story’s Influence

Learn the six stories you need to know to be a powerful business communicator, and why story morals are integral to your success.

Have you ever found yourself in a tough spot due to poor communication? How many conflicts have arisen at your work due to a lack of conversation, or an inability to correctly articulate your thoughts? What does this have to do with storytelling?

Its human nature to stand up for yourself and defend your ideas, but when an entire business stands their ground, the result can be detrimental. In order to keep your team on the same page, you need a concrete method of relating to their core values.

Joining us this week is Annette Simmons, president of Group Process Consulting and author of the award-winning book, The Story Factor. Annette has assisted with organizations such as Microsoft or NASA and understands how powerful a story can be when working with a group. Using her Six Stories Everybody Needs to Know, you too can learn how a simple narrative will not only help build your brand story strategy but will help you communicate dexterously in all areas of your life.

In This Show, You’ll Learn:

  • The six stories everybody needs to know
  • How does authenticity benefit your stories?
  • Importance of adhering to your audience’s values

Key Quotes

  • “Storytelling is about tapping into a common human value that is relatable to the audience” – Annette Simmons
  • “Storytelling brings humanity back to the places it’s gone missing.” – Annette Simmons
  • “People will not listen to you if you go straight into your pitch; they want to know who you are” – Annette Simmons
  • “These stories need to be based on values. It’s really hard to relate to numbers.” – Annette Simmons
  • “The things that make a great story make a great life.” – Park Howell
  • “You’re trying to get people to live into their future.” – Park Howell


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