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#202: How to Tell Short Stories When the Stakes are High

#202: How to Tell Short Stories When the Stakes are High

As a business professional, you want your ideas to be heard. Rise above the noise as you communicate your message quickly and effectively when you apply the five primal elements of story in shorter forms.

Short-form is a story condensed into a brief, compressed format that forces maximum efficiency. And when stakes are high, it’s crucial that you know how to say more with less. Use short-form storytelling to communicate only what is necessary and relevant in a fashion that enchants the crowd.

Our guest, Kymberlee Weil of Strategic Samurai has coached 300+ TEDx speakers on how to maximize their impact by using short-form storytelling. And when the presentations are 20 minutes or less, every second counts. So, she shares how to find your core idea, transform it into an unforgettable message using story, structure, and staging to move people to action.

The audience loves being a part of the experience, instead of you talking at us, involve us in your stories so we can be an invisible, silent character within your story. ~Kymberlee Weil

And there is no better way to bring a story to life than with gripping detail and elements of surprise. Ultimately, we have to be able to show our stories just as well as we create them.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • The 5 crucial steps in the creation of any story
  • How to master the art of owning any room with your anecdotes through
    story, structure, and staging
  • How to get your audience on the edge of their seat by the use of your “snap”
  • Why high-stakes, short-form storytelling are driving business today
  • Tips and trick to get your brain thinking in story and the narrative cycle
  • The history and evolution of TED
  • Trends in the TedX presentation lengths

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