Tommy Griffith

#208: How to Turn Your Side Hustle Story Into an Epic Success

#208: How to Turn Your Side Hustle Story Into an Epic Success

Many of us would like to create a career out of our hobbies or passions. And for some of us, it becomes a real pursuit. For others, it’s difficult to get traction and our entrepreneurial dreams remain just a dream. What if you had access to an expert that can show you how to turn your side hustle into a huge success?

Tommy Griffith is the founder of ClickMinded, an SEO training course that teaches users how to quickly generate traffic to any website. He is the go-to SEO trainer for more than 8,000 startups, agencies, entrepreneurs and students. But his success did not come easy. It all started as a side hustle.

Coming from an analytical background, Tommy considered himself a storytelling skeptic. From failure after failure, it wasn’t until he began to utilize the power of narrative that his luck began to turn.

Tommy’s mindset changed while working at Airbnb, where the emphasis is put on understanding why people are searching for things. Airbnb collected this information by asking its customers these questions and then carefully listening to their responses.

“When you humanize the data and get into the actual story, it changes everything.” ~Tommy Griffith

Through this experience, he was able to create a successful analysis-driven business that thoroughly utilizes anecdotes.

“Our entire product is basically a story.” ~Tommy Griffith

Listen as Tommy shares how being naïve, courageous and a bit lucky will lead to a great business and story.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • How sharing anecdotes of past failures and mistakes can be very powerful
  • The importance of story to create customer and employee buy-in
  • When is it appropriate to share anecdotes that reveal our failures and mistakes
  • How the use of story can make any topic more relatable to any audience
  • The importance of not buying into unauthentic stories
  • How to use story to humanize data

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